A wide range of housing services is provided to Haliburton County through KLH Housing Corporation including:

  • affordable rents
  • market rents
  • locations
  • layouts and design

Please visit https://www.kawarthalakes.ca/en/living-here/klh-housing-corporation.aspx for more information regarding services provided.

For information regarding building permits and/or zoning applications, please contact your local Municipality:

Township of Algonquin Highlands
Tel: 705-489-2379
Email: info@algonquinhighlands.ca
URL: www.algonquinhighlands.ca

Municipality of Dysart et al
Tel: 705-457-1740
Email: info@dysartetal.ca
URL: www.dysartetal.ca

Municipality of Highlands East
Tel: 705-448-2981
Email: info@highlandseast.ca
URL: www.highlandseast.ca

Township of Minden Hills
Tel: 705-286-1260
Email: info@mindenhills.ca
URL: www.mindenhills.ca