Strategic Planning

The County of Haliburton undertook a community based planning process in 1997 with the consultant expertise of Dr. Christopher Bryant of Econotrends. This plan was updated through public consultation in 2003.

The renewed vision statement is as follows:

A County with a cooperative environment within which the different players and population groups work together continuously to achieve a sustainable County community. This sustainable County community is characterized by: effective co-operation and communications between the various stakeholders and the population; a more stable, diversified and year-round economy based on environmentally friendly economic activities and carefully managed development; well-managed residential development, both seasonal and permanent, in keeping with maintaining a small town atmosphere, the environmental integrity particularly of the lakes and forests, and adequate accessible services for people, including social services, educational services and recreational opportunities; a strong and dynamic social fabric; and a strong sense of regional identity with a more inclusive and tolerant community and a strong sense of belonging, providing for a high quality of life for families and individuals.