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Printing a Map / Save as Image

In this section the user will learn how to print a map from the current map view by using the ‘Print’ map tool.

Print Map Tool

The ‘Print’ map tool is used to print the current map view location, as well as add a tile and subtitle to the map for printing.

How to open ‘Print’ Map Tool


 This icon allows the user to open the ‘Print’ map tool. To open the ‘Print’ map tool, position the cursor over

the ‘Map’  menu and select the ‘Print’ map tool as shown in Figure 8.0. The ‘Print’ map tool will open as shown

in Figure 8.1.


Figure 8.0 – ‘Map’ menu

Figure 8.1 – ‘Print’ map tool


How to use the Print Map Tool


The tools used by the ‘Print’ map tool are as follows:


 Minimize – This icon allows the user to minimize the ‘Print’ map tool. To maximize or reopen the map tool, simply

 select the Print  icon when the tool is minimized.


 Close – This icon allows the user to close the map tool.


Print Map


Follow the below steps to Print a map.


1)     To print a map, first position the map in the desired location to print.


2)     Type the title of the map in the ‘Title’ field provided and type a subtitle in the ‘subtitle’ field if necessary and select the

‘Print’ button


Note: The print map tool will allow the printing of a map without a title or subtitle


3)     A printer screen will appear allowing the user to select the printer of choice, select the printer type and select print.

Save Map as Image File

                A map can also be saved as an image file such as a JPG, BMP, etc.

How to save a map as an image file


                                To save a map as an image file follow the below steps:

1)     Position the map in the proper location to save.


2)     Close any map tools that are opened in the map view, such as the overview map, bookmarks, and quick find map tool.


3)     Press the ‘Alt’ and ‘Print Screen’ button at the same time using the keyboard.


4)     Open the Paint program by selecting the ‘Start’ button, then ‘Programs’, ‘Accessories’, followed by the ‘Paint’ program.


5)     Once the paint program is open paste the map by pressing the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘V’ button at the same time using the keyboard.

This will paste the map into the ‘Paint’ program so that the user can save it as an image.

6)     In the Paint program select ‘File’, then ‘Save As’. Ensure the ‘Save as Type’ is set to JPG or BMP and then specify the location

to save the Image, then select ‘Save’.  The map image will be saved in the directory specified by the user. The user will need

to locate the image file in the directory specified in order to view the image file.


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