Welcome to “The County of Haliburton – Municipal GIS Map Viewer Help”


The Community GIS map view is a web GIS application implemented at the County of Haliburton to provide users with a wide range of GIS tools for Municipalities seeking map information. This help page outlines the available map tools and explains the functionality provided by the environment.

Use the index below to locate a specific tool/topic of interest to get a full overview of the system. Note there are various links throughout the help site that allow a user to locate specific help information directly by a click of the mouse.

Help Index

Basic Map Navigation

*       Getting Started

*       Navigating the Map

*       Exploring Map Layers



Advanced Tools

*       Search for Data

*       Locate Address / XY Coordinates

*       Draw & Measure

*       Bookmarks

*       Print Map

*       Parcel Notification

*       Query Builder