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Getting Started


The default WebGIS site is the page that is first displayed when a user logs in to the system. The site is organized into categories that will help the

user to identify the default elements visible on the WebGIS site.


Use the below numbering system and Figure 1.0 to identify the elements.


1.     Map View
    The map area displayed to the user.


2.   Map Tools
Placing the mouse over any one of the four symbols will display a drop down list of map tools that the user can select to

     perform an action on the map.


3.     Map Navigation
    A sliding bar is used to help the user with map navigation (Zooming in and out of the map).


4.     Scale Bar
    Represents the distance in kilometers or miles between any feature in the current map view.


5.     Overview Map
A reference to the location of the current map view in relation to the rest of the county map.


    A map tool used to save a map view for the user to refer back to at a later date.


7.     Scroll Bar
    Used to scroll up or down through multiple map tools opened at the same time.

8.     Sample Map Tool
 The sample map tool displayed is the Search map tool used to locate and retrieve information about parcel data.


9.     Maximize Map Tool

To maximize a map tool which is minimized select the large icon to the right of the title for the particular

map tool which is minimized. As an example for the ‘Bookmarks’ map tool the user would select the large

text book icon.


10.  Minimize Map Tool

To minimize a map tool select the green arrow icon of the map tool which is opened. For example the

‘Quick Find’ map tool is opened and is minimized by selecting the green arrow.


11.  Close Map Tool

To close the map tool select the X icon in the opened map tool.



8-Point Star: 7

8-Point Star: 5

  Figure 1.0 – GIS Map Viewer Application

8-Point Star: 118-Point Star: 108-Point Star: 6

8-Point Star: 9

8-Point Star: 2

8-Point Star: 8

8-Point Star: 3

8-Point Star: 1

8-Point Star: 4

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