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Bookmark a Location

In this section the user will learn how to add and delete a bookmark, as well as find a location in the map view from a bookmark previously

created by using the ‘Bookmarks’ map tool.

Bookmarks Map Tool

The ‘Bookmarks’ map tool is used to bookmark a location in the map view and allows the user to refer to this or any other bookmark added

at any time.

How to open ‘Bookmarks’ Map Tool


 This icon allows the user to open the ‘Bookmarks’ map tool. To open the ‘Bookmarks’ map tool, position the cursor over

the ‘Map’  menu and select the ‘Bookmarks’ map tool as shown in Figure 7.0. The ‘Bookmarks’ map tool will open as shown

in Figure 7.1.


Note: The ‘Bookmarks’ map tool is by default automatically loaded when the WebGIS page is opened. If this tool is accidently closed, the tool can be reopened by opening the ‘Bookmarks’ map tool shown in Figure 7.0.


Figure 7.0 – ‘Map’ menu

Figure 7.1 – ‘Bookmarks’ map tool


How to use the Bookmarks Map Tool


The tools used by the ‘Bookmarks’ map tool are as follows:


 Bookmarks – This icon allows the user to view all bookmarks created.


 Add Bookmarks – This icon allows the user to add a bookmark based on the current map view.


 Minimize – This icon allows the user to minimize the ‘Bookmarks’ map tool. To maximize or reopen the map  tool, simply

 select the bookmark  icon when the tool is minimized.


 Close – This icon allows the user to close the map tool.


Add a Bookmark


Follow the below steps to add a bookmark.

1)     To add a bookmark, select the ‘Add Bookmarks’  icon.


2)     Type the name of the bookmark in the field provided as shown in Figure 7.2

and select the ‘Add Bookmarks’ button. 


Figure 7.2 – ‘Add Bookmarks’ screen


Note: When a bookmark is added, it will remain in the ‘Bookmarks’ screen shown in Figure 7.3 until the user logs out of the

WebGIS. When the user logs out the bookmarks will reset, except for the default ‘Haliburton, Ontario’ bookmark which will



3)     In the ‘Bookmarks’ screen the name of the bookmark created is displayed as shown in Figure 7.3.


Note: To return to the ‘Add Bookmark’ screen, simply select the ‘Add Bookmark’  Icon. 

To return to the ‘Bookmarks’ screen, select the ‘Bookmarks’  icon.


Figure 7.3 – ‘Bookmarks’ screen



Note: The user can select any bookmark listed in the ‘Bookmarks’ screen by selecting the bookmark. This will change the map

view to the location of the bookmark selected.



Delete a Bookmark

1)     To delete a bookmark simply select the close  button as shown in Figure 7.3 above. This will remove it from the list. 



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