Minden Hills Water Conditions Update Sunday, May 14, 2017 12:00 p.m. Release #17- 54

Water Conditions:

Gull River Watershed

The Gull River Watershed continues to be very vulnerable to the inflow of water.

Water levels have decreased approximately 5 cm since yesterday. While the level of the Gull River has decreased in the last 48 hours, and minimal precipitation is in the forecast, the Gull River Watershed continues to remain in a flood warning.

The reservoir lakes and the Gull River continue to remain at high levels, as water moves from the upper areas of the watershed system.

It is highly recommended that property owners, especially those who have a historical susceptibility to flooding, continue to monitor their situation for sandbagging requirements and self-evacuation of family and pets.

In the event of an emergency and you are unable to evacuate yourself from your residence, call 911. Please indicate that the call is not for a medical emergency but for evacuation from your residence. If you have evacuated, you are encouraged to register at the Red Cross Reception Centre, located at the S.G Nesbitt Community Centre, 55 Parkside Street, Minden.

Burnt River Watershed

The Burnt River continues to recede. Extreme caution is still encouraged. The public and residents are to avoid areas with fast flowing and high water levels.

All Property owners are being asked to monitor their situation, as each will vary based on some, or all of the following factors: distance from watershed(s), distance from an unaffected accessible road, height of land, property saturation levels, the availability, number, size and type of sump pump, etc.


For public safety reasons it is critical that no one other than TSW officials are to perform log adjustments to local dams. This could result in serious implications to the management of the flow of water and balancing of the watershed levels.

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