Request for Tender – Hot Mix Paving & Granular Shouldering



Part A  (4.4km) County Road No. 1 (Gelert Road), Rehabilitation of Rural Section of Roadway.  Commencing at the intersection of Pringle Road and County Road 1, heading easterly approximately 4.4km

Part B  (1.45km)
County Road No. 18 (Kashagawigamog Lake Road), Rehabilitation of Rural and Semi-urban Section of Roadway. Commencing at the intersection of County Road 18 and County Road 21 up to and including the intersection of County Road 18 and County Road 17


Without limiting the generality of the contract, the work comprising the contract consists of, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

Part A & B

  • Pulverization of the existing road surface,re-shaping/grading and compaction of the road way cross-section,
  • Application of geotextile and geogrid to various sections (County Road 1)
  • The placement of 100mm of quarried Granite Granular ‘A’ to the road base, shoulders and granular entrances, compacted and shaped to desired cross-fall,
  • The supply and placement of 50mm depth of HL4 hot mix asphalt ,
  • The paving of all commercial and side road entrances within the project section

Sealed Tenders on the forms supplied will be received at the County Administration Building, Public Works Department, 11 Newcastle Street, Box 399, Minden, Ontario K0M 2K0  Until:  12:00pm Local Time on March 7, 2017

For Tender Forms, Please Contact:  Pam Weiss – Administrative Assistant,  11 Newcastle Street, Box 399  Minden, ON  K0M 2K0.  Phone: 705-286-1762 x 225   Email: