County Road 21 is a high volume arterial road, which connects the Village of Minden to the Village of Haliburton. It is a vital business and community link, between communities and within the Village of Haliburton. The study area is a section of County Road 21, which commences at the intersection with Peninsula Road (municipal road) and continues easterly to the intersection with Highland Street (municipal road). See Map A.

The County Road 21 Traffic Corridor Assessment Study will focus on two areas of investigation. First, the study will consider existing and future development pressures on the County road and the municipal road intersections within the study area. Second, the study will assess and measure the current service level and will make recommendations to improve functionality of the County road and intersections to provide adequate service based on future development pressures.

The vision of the County of Haliburton for achieving a complete transportation system includes considering and ultimately balancing the needs of all. Collaboration with the local municipality and stakeholders shall be explored and reported. Elements shall be included which contribute to the development of streets as highly visible community places.




Contact information

For further information regarding the County of Haliburton’s County Road 21 Corridor Study, please contact Craig Douglas, Director of Public Works, or Charlsey White, Director of Planning:

Craig Douglas
Phone: 705-286-1333 x231

Charlsey White
Phone: 705-286-1333 x222


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