Charlsey White, Director of Planning
Ph: 705-286-1333 x222

Planning Department

Charlsey White, Director of Planning
Ph: 705-286-1333 x222


Welcome to the Planning Department website for the County of Haliburton. The Planning Department prepares and maintains the Official Plan for the County of Haliburton, processes Applications for Consent, Subdivision/Condominium approval, and Municipal Plan and Official Plan Amendments & GIS data based mapping. The Department works closely with local municipalities on common planning matters as well as providing support to County Council and other County departments.

Forms and Fees

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For your convenience, this page contains the relevant forms, fees and guides as it pertains to the Planning & GIS Department for the County of Haliburton.

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Applications for Consent

An Application for Consent is required to create a new lot, permit a lot addition, grant a right-of-way or easement, add a mortgage to only a portion of a property, or create a lease for an extended period of time. The Land Division Committee is the approval authority for Applications for Consent and is comprised of four members appointed by County Council.

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GIS & Mapping

The Planning & GIS Department maintains a catalog of GIS data that provides support for County staff, lower tier municipalities, and the general public seeking information in the form of maps.

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Official Plan

The County of Haliburton Official Plan establishes a land use and planning framework for local Official Plans and decision-making at the County and local levels. As such, it has a broad focus which is intended to guide local municipalities and enhance the local official plan policies.

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Plan of Subdivision/Condominium

A Plan of Subdivision/Condominium is required when a piece of land is divided into multiple lots or units. The County of Haliburton has been delegated the authority from the Province of Ontario to process and approve plans of subdivision and condominium. County Council is the approval authority for Applications for Plan of Subdivision/Condominium

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Growth Management

The County of Haliburton Growth Management Strategy was completed in 2014. It identifies existing growth patterns, provides future projections and is intended to guide current and future growth management in the County of Haliburton.

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Source Water Protection

The Source Protection Plan contains a series of policies developed in consultation with the local community to protect drinking water sources from existing and future threats.

For more information, please refer to the links below:
South Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Source Protection Region –
Trent Conservation Coalition Source Protection Region –

Shoreline Tree Preservation

The Shoreline Tree Preservation By‐law No. 3505 applies to all lands, in the County of Haliburton, that are within 30 metres of a watercourse. The goal is to minimize the destruction of trees, in order to protect our water resources and sustain a healthy natural environment.

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Strategic Plan

The County of Haliburton developed a “Community-driven Strategic Plan” in 1997. The County’s Vision statement sets a road map for goals and objectives the County aspires to achieve. The plan was further updated in 2003 in a continuing effort to support the County’s priorities

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County Road 21 Corridor Study

County Road 21 is a high volume arterial road, which connects the Village of Minden to the Village of Haliburton.  It is a vital business and community link, between communities and within the Village of Haliburton.  The study area is a section of County Road 21, which commences at the intersection with Peninsula Road (municipal road) and continues easterly to the intersection with Highland Street (municipal road).

County Road 21 Corridor Study