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Haliburton County Paramedic Service Administration Office
Ph: 705-457-1616

Quality Assurance & Education

What it is

The role of Quality Assurance is to evaluate the care and service provided to patients using the Paramedic Service system. A Quality Assurance program helps establish a standard of care and identifies needs for enhanced education programs to ensure proper and professional care is provided.

How it Works

The process of Quality Assurance is to develop, analyze and maintain a comprehensive system of data collection tools that will ensure a continuous development of excellence towards patient care and the paramedic’s professional development. Data can then be tracked, recorded and used to identify areas that require enhancement and improvement. More importantly it should identify areas that are meeting or exceeding the standards of care and should be providing positive feedback and acknowledgement to the paramedics who are the foundation of all Paramedic Service systems. By using all of these tools, only then can an Paramedic Service organization progress to its real potential.

What are the Benefits

The benefits of a Quality Assurance program will provide the communities we serve the confidence that they are receiving an established standard of care. By identifying the needs with consolidation process, combined with a strategic planning process, Quality Assurance will ensure the highest level of patient care is being achieved.

Client Feedback

HCPS would like to hear back from you. If you or a person you know would like to comment on our service please click on the Quality Assurance Client Survey form link below to open the PDF version. Print and complete the form then send it by mail to Haliburton County Paramedic Service at PO Box 1265, Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0, Attn: Tim Waite, Quality Assurance Manager.

Quality Assurance Client Feedback Form