Rob Dillane, Engineering Assistant
Ph: 705-286-1333 x234

911 Civic Addressing

Rob Dillane, Engineering Assistant
Ph: 705-286-1333 x234

9-1-1 Civic Addressing

Following the official launch of the 9-1-1 system in December 2004, County of Haliburton staff continue to verify civic addresses throughout the County to ensure accuracy and compliance with established protocols throughout the area.

Through this inspection process, there are occasions where the original assigned civic address requires correction. When this occurs, property owners will be notified of the change, as will the various service providers involved in the provision of 9-1-1 response services.

New civic addresses for vacant lots may be acquired through the County of Haliburton at a cost of $150.00, which includes the sign blade, post and installation on your property. The same methodology and fees apply to obtain a civic address at the time of making application for a building permit. The application can be made either through the County or your local township office when you apply for a building permit. Dependent on the township procedures, an additional administrative fee may be added to the $150.00 charge.

Property owners and occupants are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring that both sides of their civic address blade are visible from the roadway at all times. Please keep your sign free of snow accumulation, overgrown vegetation or anything else obstructing the sign blade.

If your sign needs repair or replacement, new blades and posts can be ordered through the County Office at a cost of $30.00 each.

A digital copy of the Civic Address Request form can be downloaded on this page and submitted with your payment. Also for your information and reference, the Civic Addressing By-Law is available.

Here is a cross reference chart of old and new road names throughout the County.

911 Civic Addressing Documents and Forms

9-1-1 Sign Request Form
Bylaw 3886 – Civic Addressing
cross reference chart of old and new road names

Letter to Property Owners Regarding Blue Jays

Property owners whose civic address signs have been affected by bird activity were notified, by the following letter, of the action to be taken by the County with respect to replacement of the damaged signs and the preventative action property owners may take to protect their civic address sign. The County Civic Addressing By-law (#3328), Section 8 states “ Those owners of properties which are affected by the provisions of this By-law shall keep and maintain in good condition their civic address numbers or number blades, as the case may be”. The County is making available the means to prevent damages due bird activity. Should property owners not take advantage of the offer, they will be responsible for the full cost of a replacement civic address sign.

August 19th 2014 Letter Letter to Property Owners Regarding Blue Jays

Below is a slideshow showing a blue jay stripping the vinyl numbering from a civic address sign (slideshow will take up to a minute to load). A Powerpoint version is available to download below the slideshow (requires Microsoft Powerpoint or Powerpoint Viewer to view).

Blue Jay Presentation